Vision, Mission, Core Value

Vision Statement

LOLC's vision is to be the most trusted provider of inclusive financial services in Cambodia.

Mission Statement

LOLC Cambodia’s mission is to create lasting positive impact on the communities it serves through the sustainable delivery of inclusive and client-centric financial services, while at the same time generating stakeholder value.

Core Value

It has been a backbone for LOLC’s transformation and successes. LOLC wants to deliver professional and exceptional financial services to help Cambodian economy flourish.

Client Relationships

Our first priority is always to ensure that the clients are fully satisfied with our services.


We will continue to provide efficient, effective and best quality services to our clients.


Fairness and honesty in all business dealings, trust is the cornerstone of our it will never be compromised.

Diversity and Neutrality

We serve poor people on the basis of need not ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.


We believe in respecting the rules of the company, its stakeholder and the country.

Hard Work

We believe that trust our future is guaranteed through the maximum effort we give to our responsibilities.


We believe that it will provide the foundation for staff and client lifelong success.

Vision of a Balanced Social and Profit Organizational Agenda

The balance assures the future for our clients and for ourselves.