Digital Savings Account

A Digital Savings Account offers clients an easy and simple way to Withdraw, Deposit, and Transfer money at any time and any place with no limitation. It is the best choice for clients who want to keep their money safe and also for those who need to use money daily. Open a saving account with LOLC now, you will be able to manage your cash flow and achieve your financial goal by reducing risk and cutting down any unnecessary expenses, thus increasing the efficiency of your cash management.


  • Get high interest income
  • Your money will be kept safely and securely
  • Multiple currency choices: KHR and USD
  • Able to register iPay Cambodia and perform any transaction for free of charge
  • Deposit and withdraw, and Transfer money during business hours at any LOLC office
  • Able to request for ATM card and perform any transactions under CSS members for free of charge

Product Features:





Currency Type


Initial Deposit/Minimum Balance

 For Basic KYC digital account, both old and new customers are required to deposit at least KHR 20,000 or USD 5 after opening an account to activate the account. If the customer does not activate the digital account after 30 days, the digital account will become dormant account. And if the digital account is not activated within 185 days after the opening day, the system will automatically close the account.

For Full KYC digital accounts, the terms and conditions apply the same as for a savings account.


Interest Payment

 Interest is accrued daily and capitalized at every month end


Account Type

 Individual Account


Transaction Limitation
Basic KYC
 Maximum transaction amount per transaction and per day: KHR 2,000,000 or USD 500
Full KYC
 Able to perform transaction with full amount allowed for each channel


Transaction Channel

 At LOLC counter during business hours
 Through iPay Cambodia
 Though ATM Machine 24/7 under CSS Members
 Through Internet Banking


Withholding Tax

Interest Rate:




How to use

 How to Open Digital Savings Account  

 Video How to Create Digital Acount in iPay Cambodia  


Document Required:

  • Valid National ID or
  • Valid Passport

Digital Savings Account Request:

  • Customer is required to download iPay Cambodia from  App Store or  Play Store.
  • After downloaded, customer has to register in iPay Cambodia.
  • Finally, customer can open a digital savings account in iPay Cambodia.
  • Customer can also Apply loan here.

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