Kid Account

Saving money to achieve the dreams and the future of your beloved children is the most important thing! The Kid Account of LOLC provides more convenience for parents and guardian in saving money for long-term to get high interest rate to respond the financial needs of their children in line with their growth such as their education, business plan, travel and future expenses.


  • Keeping money safe and secured
  • Increase more revenue
  • Easy to use and manage your cash
  • High interest rate
No FeaturesDescription
1 Currency

Initial Deposit Amount

Encourage customer to deposit the initial amount KHR 20,000 or USD 5

3Interest Payment → Interest is accrued daily and capitalized at
every end of month

4Transaction Limitation
→ Maximum deposit amount per transaction
KHR 4,000,000 or USD 1,000 
→ Maximum Transaction Per Day៖ 10 times
5Deposit Channel
→ At LOLC branch
→ iPay Cambodia
→ Internet Banking
→ Transfer from other banks through Bakong,FAST and RFT
6Withholding Tax→ 6%
7Account Type→ Joint Account
Fee charge:
No DescriptionFee charge:
1 Request new saving passbook(First time)Free of Charge
2Request change new passbook or customer account information (when us out )Free of Charge
3Request change new passbook (Lost or Damage)KHR 20.000 or USD 5
4Request to close account before one month after open dateKHR 20.000 or USD 5
5Request for account Balance ConfirmationKHR 20.000 or USD 5
Interest Rate:
No Term Interest
1 1 Year 5.25%
2 2 Year 5.50%
3 3 Year 5.75%
4 4 Year 6.00%
5 5 Year 6.25%
6 6 Year 6.50%
7 7 Year 6.75%
8 8 Year 7.00%
9 9 Year 7.25%
10 10 Year 7.50%
11 18 Year 7.50%

  • LOLC reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice


Account Opening Requirement:

→ Client is required to have document as below:

  • For Child (Account Owner):
  • Required Document: Birth certificate or Passport or Family Book (have name and date of birth of the child) or other valid documents which LOLC can use to identify the relationship between the parent/guardian and the child and student card with photo (if any).

    - At the age below 18 years old.

  • For Parents or Guardian (Joint Account Owner):
  • - Required Document: Valid National Identification Card or Valid Passport.

→ Agree with the Terms and conditions of Kid Account.

How to apply

  • Visit any LOLC offices to apply for the service.
  • Customer can also Apply loan here.

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