Client Success Story

    The Success of Mr. Horn Touch's business indicated positive results after using LOLC loans

    Mr. Horn Touch is a car and motorcycle mechanic in Prey Ampear Village, Prey Tralach Commune, Rukkiri District, Battambang Province. He is highly motivated to earn more money to support his family by expanding his existing business to increase his income, resulting in an improved family’s living condition. While fixing car, Mr. Horn Touch described that “My business had gone smoother after using first LOLC loans in 2019 and 2023, as the capital to buy additional car and motorcycle spare parts for repair for my customers.” Recently, he has gotten his house improved to be more spacious and comfortable, as well as running an additional business on car and motorcycle wash, which has truly testified to the success of his business expansion. Furthermore, his success reflects significance of the LOLC Cambodia’s loans as the financial solution to clients.
    Mr. Kuon Phi Used LOLC (Cambodia)’s Loans Aim to Grow His Business

    After getting to know LOLC (Cambodia) through his siblings and understood the loan terms and condition, Mr. Kuon Phi who is a welder, and grocery and baby product seller in Chamkar Dong Village, Prey Vihear Commune, Kong Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province decided to use loans from LOLC (Cambodia) up to two consecutive cycles to expand the grocery and baby product selling business by purchasing more goods for selling. As his purpose, his business grew significantly because there were sufficient items to sell to customers and increased selling, which increased his income steadily. Of course, this is the value of the LOLC Cambodia’s loans, which has forwarded his business to current growth. He added that LOLC Cambodia’s products and services have the good feature for him and based on the ease of using LOLC Cambodia’ loan and current growth, he will continue to apply for more loans at LOLC Cambodia when needed.
    Ms. Nhem Choeun using LOLC Cambodia Loans to boost sales and improve family life

    Ms. Nhem Choeun living in Kanhchum Village, Kanhchum Commune, Peam Reang District, Prey Veng Province, has always dreamed of expanding her business to meet the growing demand of customers, but the challenge is the lack of capital. After getting to know LOLC Cambodia, a financial institution that offers a wide range of loans, especially small business loan, Ms. Nhem Choeun applied for a loan by showing a clear plan relates to current and future income-expenditure situations. After receiving the loan, she allocated some money to set up an attractive store and some to buy more goods for sale to meet the needs of customers. As of now, she has used 2 loan cycles with LOLC Cambodia. Through smart investment, high commitment, honesty, and enough capital support from LOLC Cambodia lead the number of clients has steadily increased and at the same time, her income has also increased. As a result, Choeun’s business is constantly growing and able to repay the loan regularly and even start saving for future plans. "When we have a clear plan, honesty and hard work, our business has a high chance of success, moreover, when we have good loan repayment history, the next loan application is also easy to get approval from financial institutions for further support our business." she added.
    Mr. Khuk Chetra used LOLC Cambodia’s loan to expand plantations, increase income, and improve quality of life

    While inspecting the quality of rubber, Mr. Khuk Chetra, a rubber plantation farmer in Leach Krom Village, Choam Commune, Memot district, Tbong Khmum Province, described with pleasure that he previously farmed only 2 hectares, but now the scope of cultivation has expanded to more than 3 hectares. As the size of the plantation has a great extent, the yield of his rubber increased, which increased his income, and improved his livelihood. Obviously, the LOLC Cambodia’s loan really contributed to improving his livelihood. He stated that he used the loan to capitalize on the expansion of his farm by purchasing additional land for planting. This is a reason why he can earn a high income and have a current prosperous life. Finally, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude that "Thank to LOLC for providing me a loan to buy land, to expand the cultivation and improve my life."
    Mrs. Nut Sokhai has improved her business and family’s livelihood by using LOLC Cambodia’s loans with her good cooking

    With a smiling and friendly face, Mrs. Nut Sokhai narrated her journey of business growth with the financial support from LOLC Cambodia. Before having current business, she always made long travelling to deliver goods to sell at Phnom Penh which could earn a tiny income only. Later on, she ran a restaurant, selling soup and food at Chroy Sleng Village, Kiri Chong Kaoh Commune, Kiri Vong District, Takeo province. In 2017, she started using the first loan from LOLC Cambodia for her new business development. Currently, she uses up to four loan cycles to support the growth of her business. Besides the capital to strengthen and expand the business, she also uses loans for other purposes to improve homes and purchase a motorcycle for family use. With good cooking and right purpose of using loans, she could improve her business and family’s living standard since there are many customers support her restaurant now.