LOLC develops employees capabilities and their concepts for digital products and services through Digital Ambassador Junior Program

As one of the leading deposit-taking microfinance institutions in Cambodia, as well as one that has grown steadily and offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, LOLC is constantly innovating to train staff’s capacity in all areas through a recent program called Digital Ambassador Junior.

The purpose of setting up Digital Ambassador Junior is to train staff and develop mindsets related to digital products and services. In particular, to use digital systems in the work of LOLC interns in all branches nationwide who have just graduated and have no work experience. Through this program, the interns will be able to carry out the actual work according to the work plan prepared by LOLC and have the opportunity to have direct communication with LOLC's business partners and clients. In addition, all interns will receive training from experts to strengthen their professional career skills, as well as receive additional incentive benefits.

Also, Digital Ambassador Junior program is just one of many programs that LOLC has created for employees. You can also join the LOLC family to enjoy these special benefits through new job opportunities posted on any of the LOLC social networks, as listed below:

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Publish date: December 6, 2023