Get extra cash of 1,000 Riels when receiving payment from a partner bank through LOLC KHQR!

LOLC is excited to continue offering special promotions to merchants and customers who use LOLC KHQR to receive payments from customers from partner banks / financial institutions.

With the following terms and conditions updated:

• Validation of the updated terms and conditions: from 18th to 31st December 2023.
• Receive money from partner banks / financial institutions.
• Prize amount is 1,000 Riel or $ 0.25 per day for receiving payment from one customer.
• Offer for the first 5 customers per day.
• Minimum payment amount: 1 USD or 4,000 Riel
• Prize reward will be given on Friday every week.
• Each customer receives a total amount of only 300,000 Riels (from November 10, 2023)
• This special offer is not available for LOLC staff.

LOLC reserves the right to change the prizes, terms, and conditions of this special offer without prior notice if necessary. Request for LOLC KHQR right away to take advantage of this wonderful deal by earning extra cash back and easily receiving money from customers and people around you.

Publish date: December 18, 2023