LOLC promotes education through environmentally friendly transportation

Kampong Speu Province, 02 December 2023, management, and staff of LOLC Microfinance Institution Plc, organized a program to donate bicycles and some study materials to a total of 21 students. Each student received a bicycle and some study materials such as backpacks, books, pens, and other study materials. This social work is carried out under the theme "Promoting education through environmentally friendly transportation."

This program takes place at 7 Makara Primary School in Kampong Speu province, which aims to contribute and support social responsibility to improve education in Cambodia by encouraging students to study hard to become the pillars of the nation in the future. LOLC believes that this contribution will benefit students, especially children in need, to have the opportunity to get a better education by getting support, study materials and transportation to school easier. At the same time, providing bicycles to students also contributes to reducing environmental impact through smoke-free transportation.

It should also be noted that this is one of the many social activities that the LOLC has organized and is preparing more to make sure customer service, improving the financial inclusion in Cambodia, contributing to social work, and giving back to the community go hand in hand and are highly valued by LOLC.

Publish date: December 02, 2023