LOLC introduces new Payroll Service to assist business clients

As managing large amounts of cash every month with which to pay employees can be a complicated task for many companies, LOLC (Cambodia) Plc has launched its new Payroll Service.

To assist business clients – whether a small enterprise or a large company – the new service from LOLC – one of the leading deposit-taking institutions in Cambodia – is designed to meet all their payroll needs.

The LOLC Cambodia Payroll Service provides any business entity with five or more employees with a payroll management system that is time-saving, easy and secure.

Payroll transactions are made by transferring money directly from the company's main account into employee accounts opened at LOLC, negating the need to physically withdraw cash.

Choosing the LOLC Payroll Service brings a wide range of benefits for both the company and its employees, such as:

Benefits for company:
• Convenience in managing payroll;
• Secure and efficient;
• Payroll can be processed to every company branch nationwide;
• Other LOLC services can be accessed.

Benefits for employees:
• Salary transferred directly into account opened with LOLC;
• Free of charge;
• Offer high interest rates on the actual balances in your account.
• LOLC ATM card that can perform transactions with free of charge at the ATMs and POS machines of CSS members;
• Access to iPay Cambodia mobile banking for wide range of services including money transfers, bill payments, opening a Fixed Deposit account, mobile top-ups, and loan payments, among many others.