Save 10$ on Phnom Penh Safari ticket by scan payment with LOLC KHQR!

On May 14, 2023, LOLC offered a special discount on Phnom Penh Safari tickets for only $5 per ticket. This special offer is limited to 1000 tickets. To get this discount, you can use any banking service and scan payment with LOLC KHQR available at the ticket counter.

Be noticed that in addition to this special offer, LOLC also has a booth activation to showcase products with games to win prizes such as a fan, one set of mike burger, glass, and many other prizes.

Terms and Conditions to buy tickets in $5:

• Scan payment with LOLC KHQR via iPay Cambodia or from any bank
• One person eligible to scan payment only once
• This offer is valid for May 14, 2023, only.