Having a low capital but a big dream of business expansion, this financial institution is ready to help you

To support entrepreneurs in growing potential of their business while promoting long-term national economic growth, LOLC Cambodia Plc., One of the leading deposit-taking institution in Cambodia has introduced a loan service that is designed to help individuals, companies or enterprises operate and grow their businesses in any sector which is including commerce, service provision, agriculture and manufacturing, by offering loans of up to 800 million riels or 200,000 US dollars. By choosing a SME loan from LOLC, business owners will be able to get a large loan size according to their requirements as well as many benefits such as low interest rates, quick loan approval, and flexible repayments based on personal or business needs.

To apply for LOLC SME Loan, you can visit any nearest LOLC office in all 25 provinces / capitals. You can also consult and seek additional details by contacting 023 991 991 every day from 6am to 10pm.

For more information:  www.lolc.com.kh